Harley-Davidson Dartboard Review – Great Bar & Shield Dartboard Cabinet Kit

The Harley-Davidson Dartboard is the perfect combination of a great British tradition and American culture. It is a premium tournament-quality bristle dartboard with striking black and orange segments. It comes with a wooden shield cabinet with the Harley-Davidson logo on the front.

This article is going to cover the specifics of the Harley-Davidson dartboard and what you can expect to receive. We will round up with a look at some other dartboards that are similar before our final say.

Harley-Davidson Dartboard Cabinet Review

Harley-Davidson Dartboard with Cabinet Review

Who is this product for?

Harley-Davidson Dartboard

This is the perfect dartboard for pub and bar owners who are interested in running professional or friendly games. It’s also ideal for individuals who like to organize friendly games at home. It’s an absolute must if you are a fan of Harley Davidson, as it will make an amazing addition to your collection.

What’s Included

When you open the box, you will receive the bristle dartboard with a clear Western pine cabinet. Inside the cabinet, there is a scoreboard and an out chart to help with the math. The set also comes with 2 sets of Rally brass darts with the Harley Davidson logo and a Lexan diamond plate throw line.

Overview of features

Harley-Davidson Dartboard Review

  • This darts set has everything you need to begin playing right away. The board has clearly marked segments that complement the Harley Davidson logo. There aren’t any numbers and therefore this might not be ideal for beginners.
  • The cabinet is American made pine with finger joint construction and brass hinges for added strength. With the cabinet doors closed, you have the Harley logo, which is painted, not a sticker.
  • One set of darts is black with the Harley logo; the other set has orange flames and the logo. They are the perfect accessories for the steel tip dartboard. The cabinet has a storage section for both sets of darts. The throw line that is included will clearly show people where they must stand in order to play.
  • The overall dimensions for the board and the cabinet are 3.5 x 22.5 x 25.5 inches. It weighs 16 pounds. It doesn’t come with the accessories to mount the board on your wall, so you should bear this and the weight in mind.


Harley-Davidson Dartboard vs Other Dartboards in Same Category

This part of the article will take a look at 4 dartboards that are currently on the market. We will give a brief description of each so you can see how it fairs up against the Harley-Davidson dartboard.

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Harley-Davidson Dartboard vs Viper Stadium Cabinet and Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard

This board is cheaper than the Harley Davidson for obvious reasons. It’s a whole set, so you will receive the dark wood cabinet with hinged doors, 2 sets of steel tip darts, a throw line, and LED lights. Inside the cabinet, there are two scoreboards. You also get a dry easer pen. The board is more traditional in color and has the numbers around the outside of the segments. There are no staples in the board, which reduces bounce out.

The overall product is much larger and heavier than the Harley Davidson dartboard. It’s 43.3 x 19.7 x 3 inches. We assume these measurements are with the cabinet doors open. It weighs 20 pounds.

Harley-Davidson Dart board

Harley-Davidson Dartboard vs Lucid Studio Design Lighted Dartboard

This is a rather pricey dartboard but it does come with some modern technology. It is a standard dartboard mounted onto natural wood. There are no doors. And it doesn’t appear to come with darts or a scoreboard. There is space in the cabinet shelf for storing up to 12 sets of darts.

It does, however, come with built-in LED light. It also has a laser light throw line that can be projected manually or by voice control via an app. The set is handmade and can be customized. The dimensions of the cabinet are 28 x 28 x 4.75 inches.

Harley-Davidson Dartboard vs Lucid Studio Design Cabinet Light LED

The dartboard is the same traditional board as the previous board from Lucid Studio. It also has the same technology with a Wi-Fi app that controls the laser light projection. The LED light is built-in. It is hand made and hand stained. It still has the space for 12 dart sets on the shelf of the cabinet.

The main difference is that the cabinet comes with doors. Inside the doors, there are two chalkboards for scoring. With the doors, it’s bigger at 28 x 39 x 4.75 inches. It is also even more expensive.

Harley-Davidson Dartboard vs American Heritage Gateway Dartboard Cabinet Set

This set is the closest in price to the Harley Davidson board but still cheaper. It’s a bristle-board dartboard mounted in a pine and MDF cabinet. The board has numbers and black and white segments. On the inside of the doors, there are two scoreboards. It comes with six darts (2 sets). It doesn’t come with lights or a throw line.

It a very heavy cabinet set, weighing 29 pounds in total. It’s 4.2 x 44.5 x 24.8 inches; again, we assume this is with the doors open. This dartboard set comes with a one-year warranty.


The Final Word

When looking at all 5 dartboards, it is safe to say that the Harley Davidson Dartboard set is a perfect combination of style and quality for a good price. The cheaper boards either had no accessories or the accessories were not well made. The more expensive boards from Lucid Studio Design are beautiful and it’s nice to have the technology, but it’s a large price to pay to basically turn on a laser by your voice.

The Harley Davidson Set has a well-built wooden cabinet. The fact that the logo is painted on and not just a sticker testifies to the quality of the construction. It comes with great steel tip darts and the scoreboard and even an out chart that none of the others had.

We felt that being lighter than other cabinets, it made wall mounting easier and safer. Although it doesn’t come with lights, that is an easy fix. It would have been nice to have more information about a warranty; nevertheless, the Harley-Davidson Dartboard set is well priced and perfect for both darts and motorbike enthusiasts.

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