Dart Scoring Rules

Once you have the correct measurements in place, the actual rules of darts are quite straightforward. You have to stand behind the Oche and through a maximum of three darts per leg, or turn. Only the darts that remain in the dartboard are deducted from your score.

Some rules may vary slightly depending on the organization that is holding the tournament, or even the area you are in. As the British established the game, we will follow the rules set out by the British Darts Organization. That being said, as the scoring is mostly related to math, there shouldn’t be any differences.

Understanding The Dartboard Fields

Dart Scoring Rules

A standard dartboard has 20 wedged segments. Each segment is numbered (although not in order) from 1 to 20 with alternative colors, usually black and a shade of white.

In the center of the board, there is a red circle called the Bull’s Eye. If you hit the Bull’s Eye you earn 50 points. If you hit the green ring around the Bull’s Eye, known as the Bull, you receive 25 points.

Each segment earns the pints that correspond with the number. For example, the segment at “3 o’clock” is worth six points. Each segment has an inner ring and an outer ring. If you hit the inner ring, your points are tripled, hence the name- the triple ring. So if you hit the inner circle at “3 o’clock”, your 6 points are tripled to 18, and if you hit the outer ring your points double to 12.

Darts games may begin with 301 points or 501 points. Others choose to start with 701 or even 1001. The points can be chosen by the organization or the players, but it must start with an odd number.

Players take in turns with three darts in each leg. The points are only counted for those darts that remain in the board. All darts are counted, even if they touch another dart. This is one rule that may vary from area to area. The total points are added up and deducted from the game’s points.

Who Is In Charge Of The Scoring

Each game will have a scorer who is in charge of making a note of the player’s points. This person will also act as an umpire should there be any discrepancies. If an error is made in the calculations, it is noted on the scoreboard.

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How to Throw Darts Like a Pro?

The maximum number of points that can be won in a single leg is 180. This is achieved by hitting the triple 20 ring with all three darts. If you have ever watched a tournament on TV, you will have heard the enthusiastic roar of the announcer calling 180.

Things start to get interesting when a player’s score gets below 171. At this point, there are a number of combinations that will allow the player to win as quickly as possible.

To win a game of darts, a player must clear their points to zero. If a player is on 75 and scores 76 they have gone bust and their score will remain at 75.

Professional players will know the combinations of hits in order to get the exact number of points. For example, if a player has 170 points, they can hit two triple twenties and the bull, bringing their score to exactly zero.

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