Best Bristle Dartboard [Reviews and Buying Guide Spring 2021]

I am going to tell you about the Best Steel Tip Dartboards available today. If you have been thinking about buying a Bristle Dartboard, you’re going to want something that functions well, that’s reliable, and something that will last you a long time. I’m here to give you the very Best Bristle Dart Boards to choose from. I’ve been playing darts a long time, and currently play in a league. I admit that I may not know everything about Steel Tip dartboards, but I know enough to tell you a bit about them so you can make an intelligent decision. I will even drop a hint at my personal favorite. First I will tell you something about each Bristle Dartboard and then I will go on to discuss some of the details when it comes to Steel Tip dart boards and their accessories.

Best Bristle Dartboards

Best Selling Bristle Dartboards

Before we are going on reviews, here is a list of 5 best selling bristle dartboards on Amazon

Best Bristle Dartboards

Viper Stadium Bundle & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard Ready-to-Play Bundle

The Viper Stadium Bundle & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard Ready-to-Play Bundle

This bristle dartboard comes complete with two sets of steel tip darts (six total), throw line, and dry erase scoreboards. The dartboard is mounted in a beautiful cabinet with an impressive walnut finish. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money, this is the complete set and everything you will need for hours of fun. It comes with mounting hardware and depending on your bundle selection, a Viper laser throw/toe line marker, and Viper Shadow Buster display lights.

Hang up your new Bristle Dartboard and you’re ready to go. Your official sized tournament dartboard features a staple-free bullseye which greatly reduces bounce outs. The self-healing sisal/bristle fibers are compressed together to provide unequaled durability. You can also move the number ring to extend the life of your dartboard even longer.

This is one of the Best Steel Tip dartboards available and only the Elite set is over the $100 limit. Choose from the Standard, Deluxe, Premium, and Elite sets to best suit your needs and your budget. The steel tip darts that are provided are nice, but even the beginner should go out and find some darts that feel the most comfortable to throw. There is a difference in darts such as weight and style to increase your scoring potential. These will get you started though. And the Viper Shadow Buster cabinet mounted display lights make it easy to see the board from any angle and convert your game room into a true masterpiece. This is easily one of my favorite picks for one of the Best Bristle Dartboards.

WIN.MAX 18” Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

The WIN.MAX 18” Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

This WIN.MAX Dartboard comes with flights, finger grip wax, and steel tip darts. This top-rated Bristle Dartboard can be used by professional players and is regulation International Tournament size. They are also suitable for your favorite bar, club, home, or hang-out. Whether you are practicing or playing for fun, this Steel Tip Dartboard is perfect for everyone. It has a high-tech staple free bristle wire system.

In this unique system, the bristles are much thinner than wire and staple free. The bristle wire system also has an increased scoring area and significantly reduces the number of bounce outs. With this feature you are guaranteed to achieve higher scores and raise your fun level.

The Best Bristle Dartboards come with Kenyan Sisal. The small extremely strong fibers are less brittle, so when a dart strikes the board, the tip slides between the fibers instead of rupturing them. When the dart is removed the fibers return to the original position increasing the life of the dartboard. As one of the Best Bristle Dartboards, this is manufactured using only the best materials. This is a great Steel Tip Dartboard for the price.

Rally and Roar Bristle Dartboard

The Rally and Roar Bristle Dartboard

The Rally and Roar Bristle Dartboard complies with the British Darts Organization endorsements and requirements. It’s perfect for the basement billiard room, bar, or Arcade. A professional quality Steel Tip Dartboard with a self-healing baseboard and staple-free bullseye. This dartboard will mount anywhere easily with its triple wheel lock-and-level system and comes with all of the hardware you need. The corrosion and rust-resistant ring is the key. They ingeniously use rounded, the galvanized wire that is 50% thinner to optimize your scoring. And the 30-degree reduction in wire angle will greatly reduce your number of bounce-backs.

The premium African sisal holds the dart nicely and heals the puncture instantly, maintaining its integrity. The durability is enhanced by a carbon diffused, staple-free bullseye. The better the equipment, the better you will be, and the more fun you will have. You may not throw a bullseye every time, but you scored big with the purchase of the Rally and Roar Bristle Dartboard. One of the Best Bristle Dartboards you can purchase or play on.

Viper AIM 360 Tournament Bristle Steel-tip dartboard

The Viper AIM 360 Tournament Bristle Steel-tip dartboard

This is a high quality 18” tournament regulation dartboard. This Steel Tip Dartboard is the latest innovation in Bristle dart board technology. The compressed sisal fibers self-heal, as they “remember” their original shape, extending the life of the dartboard. The movable aiming circles allow you to pinpoint your accuracy by customizing your practice. You can move them around to get more practice on your weakest areas of the board. And if certain areas of the board start to get beat up, you can rotate the number ring to prolong the life of your Bristle Dartboard. These dartboards far surpass the lifespan of the old wooden or cork dartboards.

The staple-free spider web employs razor thin galvanized wires to greatly increase the surface area and reduce the number of bounce outs. This great looking board has high-resolution diamond markers in doubles and triples, to give it a professional and classy look, all while giving you laser focus on those hard to stick segments.

One of the Best Steel Tip Dartboards looks great mounted in a cabinet or just hanging on your wall. This dartboard even comes with instructions if you are unsure of the rules or are looking for more versions to play, such as Cricket, 301, 501, etc. You will find it hard to stop playing once you throw the first dart at the AIM 360.

Thornton Premium Quality Bristle Dartboard and cabinet

Thornton Premium Quality Bristle Dartboard

The Thornton Premium Quality Bristle Dartboard and cabinet comes with everything you need right out of the box. This Steel Tip Dartboard has included six steel tipped darts, six flights, LED lights, and scoreboards. The Bristle Dartboard is nestled into a brilliant cabinet, crafted from dark stained wood.

Perfect for hours of fun in your man cave, game room, bar, or even the country club. The aesthetics alone will grab the attention of your friends and guests. With three built-in LED lights, you can challenge your friends in any kind of lighting conditions. Batteries are not included for future reference. The two easy-wipe Cricket scoreboards make keeping score simple and effective. The staple-free bullseye and premium self-healing sisal will assure you of accurate scoring while preventing the dart from bouncing back at you and landing on the floor. You can hardly tell where your dart even was, once removed. The sisal fibers retain their original shape immediately.

One of the Best Bristle Dartboards you can buy as a complete set for under $100. But like I have mentioned before, the darts combined with the dartboard purchase are cheaply made. So if you are serious about playing, you may want to find some higher quality darts designed more for your personal tastes and a comfortable weight. For the price it’s an incomparable level of luxury and elegance.

HoveBeaty Double Sided Bristle Dartboard

The HoveBeaty Double Sided Bristle Dartboard

This is a regulation size Steel Tip Dartboard. The double-sided option allows you to enjoy traditional dart games as well as target bullseye games. The high-quality, high-visibility, super-dense flocking on alternate sides of the Bristle Dartboard, reduce the puncture marks, and heal the dart holes quite well.

It has a regulation board on one side and a black and white alternating color backside. It comes with 6, 18-gram professional training darts. Do yourself a favor and buy different darts though.

HoveBeaty provides quality children’s toys, outdoor sports, and pet supplies. It shouldn’t be surprising they produced one of the Best Bristle Dartboards at a very economical price.

Linkvisions Sisal/Bristle Dartboard

The Linkvisions Sisal/Bristle Dartboard

The Linkvisions Sisal/Bristle Dartboard is an official tournament size and complies with the latest World Dart Federation specifications. It comes with 12, 18g darts. That’s four complete sets. The super-strong and elastic sisal fibers are squeezed together for a medium hardness, providing better dart sticking consistency. After the new construction of the outer bull, it has only 4 staples, instead of 20 like other round wire boards.

The thin round wire also helps minimize picking your darts up off the floor and greatly influences your scoring potential. A rotatable outside number ring helps save wear and tear and lengthens the life of your Steel Tipped Dartboard. This manufacturer is specialized in supplying the dart market with the highest quality products for the professional player. But even if you’re just a beginner, this Steel tipped Dartboard is a great purchase.


What is a Bristle Dart Board?

A Bristle Dart Board is constructed of fine sisal/bristle fibers. These dartboards were a huge upgrade compared to the old dartboards made from Elm in the 1800s. These dartboards can only be used with steel-tipped darts.

What are Steel Tipped Dart Boards made of?

The game of darts originated around 1860 in the United Kingdom. The original Steel Tipped Dartboards were made from Elm and would be soaked in water each night in order to repair the dart holes. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that someone came up with the idea of bundling sisal fibers together. It was an instant success as the sisal fibers appeared to heal the board with virtually no physical damage. Bristle Dart Boards are comprised of millions of compressed sisal fibers. The advantage of this type of construction is to heal the dartboard when you remove your darts. Sisal comes from the Agave plant. Only the finest sisal is used, mostly grown in Kenya, to the highest of specifications. It is then conditioned to receive the highest level of clarity in color, for high visibility. The typical board will have around 3.7 million fibers compressed into it. It has optimal density for deep penetration, fewer bounce-outs, and more scoring chances. Quality Steel Tipped Dartboards are still produced from sisal but you can still find less expensive dartboards made from cork or paper.

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Do soft tips work on Bristle Dartboards?

Soft tips will break upon impact on a Bristle Dartboard. They are made primarily for electronic dartboards though there are a few cheap plastic dartboards that aren’t electronic. But you will have to keep score yourself when buying one of these. Electronic dartboards can be very inexpensive and whatever extra cost over the self-scoring version, would be well worth it.

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Steel Tip Dartboard vs Soft Tip Dartboard

Steel Tip Dartboard vs Soft Tip Dartboard

Steel tipped dartboards have been around a very long time. There are many professional dart players that prefer Bristle Dartboards and won’t play with soft-tipped darts on electronic boards. Although times have changed and you can now go to your favorite bar and play anyone from any part of the world. The internet and the new stand up electronic soft tip dart machines make this all possible. Not to mention you have a much wider range of games that you can play. And if you don’t know how to keep score you don’t have to worry because the dartboard does it for you. Another great feature is that your dart doesn’t have to stick to count. It only has to strike the board in a scoring area to count. I do believe a Steel Tipped Board will make you a better player because it takes the slop factor away. You have to consistently stick your darts in order to count them. You will find more holes in your walls with a Steel Tipped Dartboard.

Not everyone who plays will be good enough to hit the board every time they throw darts. You will find slight damage around wherever you choose to mount your Bristle Dartboard. And of course, if you have young children, steel tipped darts might be slightly dangerous to have around. I can remember as a young man throwing steel-tipped darts at my brother once when angry. Of course this soon turned into a game which then turned into a belt across my butt from my dad. Bringing an end to our Steel tipped dartboard in the basement game room. With soft tip dartboards, the soft tips can have a tendency to break off inside the small holes of the board. If you have no way to get them out, it can cause more bounce offs. This isn’t as bad since the dart will still score. No one wants to keep bending over to pick up their darts though. It’s also very hard on the less durable, soft tip dart. Steel Tipped dartboards are considerably better made and more durable. If you’re serious about playing darts, I would say start with Steel Tipped dartboard and learn how to keep score. If you’re good on a Bristle Dartboard, you’ll be great on a soft-tipped dartboard.

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In conclusion

I would say that any of the 11 Best Bristle Dartboards would be a great starting point or upgrade to what you may already own. They are all great examples of Steel Tipped Dartboards and some outstanding ones. Both Winmau and Nodor have been around since the beginning, and both produce high-quality Bristle Dartboards. Their craftsmanship is known throughout the world by dart players everywhere. The other brands are also fine quality Steel Tip Dartboards. There are aspects of each one that may be attractive to different buyers. Whether you want a cabinet or not, these can always be purchased separately. There are many accessories you can buy to make your game better and more fun. And these can be found online or at your nearest dart supply store.

So whether you are a beginner, an amateur, or a professional, you will be able to find a Steel Tipped Dartboard suitable for your own personal needs. I know I am ready to go throw some darts, or as my beautiful wife says, “throw some sharp pointy things”. There’s nothing like getting a group of friends together to throw some darts. The camaraderie and competition make for a great time and a great way to improve your game. Above all remember, it’s just a game, no one likes poor sportsmanship. So be safe and have some fun. Go out there and get you one of the Best Steel Tipped Dartboards available and prepare yourself for years of dart-throwing excitement. Get good and join a weekly league to increase your playing time and have a night out.






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