Air Hockey Table and Puck Size

As we know, air hockey is a very popular game, and rightfully so. It’s competitive, fun, and fast-paced. To play air hockey you will need an air hockey table which is a long, very slick and smooth surface table that ensures minimal friction. Two players are equipped with a striker (aka mallet, pusher, goalie, and paddle) that resemble a small sombrero. And last, but not the least, you will need a puck.

As air hockey is also a tournament game (and a sport), several regulated table sizes come into play. Let’s see what the standard air hockey table size is, and others that are intended for other uses.

Air Hockey Table Sizes

In simple terms, the table needs to be large enough for the puck and the players to move, right? However, as we know, nothing is that simple, especially if you’re planning on holding an air hockey tournament.

Air Hockey Table Size

Regulation air hockey table size is 31 inches high, 99 ½ inches long and 51 ¼ wide. These dimensions enable a chaotic and hectic game, where the players can meticulously follow their game plan. Only these tables are permitted in official tournaments. Bear in mind that size is only one of the factors to consider when planning a professional tournament.

However, if there were only one table size, the game wouldn’t be so fun, because there are also those of us who like to play air hockey as a recreation! So, for that purpose, we have commercial-standard sized tables i.e. full-size air hockey tables that are found in arcades and in bars (in homes too, why not!) are 32” high, 8ft long and 5ft wide. When playing on this table, you can play in teams of two.

Other air hockey table sizes that are great for fun and recreation are:

  • Kid size air hockey table aka top table – They are normally around 2ft. They are lightweight and such a favorable size for limited space. Top tables also have the option to be folded and stored for future use. It is a perfect toy for the kids! It will get their brains working because they are working on their hand-eye coordination, agility, etc. And, they are quite inexpensive!
  • 4ft, 5 ft sized tables – This is the most common size for air hockey tables that people buy for their homes. They do take up some space, but nevertheless, they are fun for the whole family!

Puck Sizes

Air Hockey Puck Size

The most notable feature, besides the table and the striker, is air hockey pucks. You must’ve noticed that they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

The puck intended for regulated full-sized air hockey table is 3.25 inches in diameter and ¼ of an inch in height. Besides the regulated sized puck, some come in a small and medium-size (they vary from 1.8 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter).

Pucks can weigh up to 42 grams (about 1.5 ounces). And regarding the color, they can be black, red, fluorescent green and bright yellow.

Small and light pucks are great for children, and teens. Older players should play with heavier pucks since they are generally stronger than their younger counterparts.

In other words, smaller tables will have smaller and lighter pucks, and bigger tables will have bigger and heavier pucks. Moreover, cheaper tables normally have smaller blowing motors, so the puck will have to be lighter to float on the table as they should.


To sum up, there are many available air hockey table sizes that are intended for different purposes. There is only one size that is regulated and used in official tournaments. The same is with puck sizes. Only one puck dimension can be used in tournaments, but in all other scenarios, the puck will need to follow the table’s features.

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