Sport Squad HX 40-inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table Review

Ever since the ‘70s, air hockey has been dominating the arcade scene. It has become so popular that now there are official tournaments and competitions – It is basically considered a professional sport.

It remains one of the favorite arcade games that interest both the kids and the adults. However, not all of us can splurge on eight feet long standard-sized air hockey table that is found in most arcades, and some bars. In addition to the money problem, not all of us have the space for it.

But thankfully, in recent years, there are many available mini sized air hockey tables or tabletops that you can purchase for a favorable price and keep in your house. Most of them are compact and can be stored away until the next use.

These mini-sized tables are, of course, mainly for those who want to play air hockey recreationally, and it certainly won’t be an exact replica of the standard air hockey table, but it will be satisfactory enough.

Since these tabletops are usually inexpensive, people tend not to trust them. They think these tables are low in quality, break down easily, and simply aren’t sturdy enough for the fast-paced thrilling nature of an air hockey game.

However, Sport Squad HX40’’ air hockey tabletop defeats all the odds. This is an inexpensive and compact solution that offers the excitement of fast and smooth gliding air hockey game for your home. It will be entertaining for all ages, even if you are an adult.

Many satisfied customers are parents who seek to play with their children in a sort of a healthy competitive game. Small kids will thoroughly enjoy this tabletop because it offers all of the great aspects of the classic air hockey game, without huge tables, and heavy pucks and strikers.

As we will see later on in the features section, it also comes with protective non-marking rubber pads to ensure no scratches or any kind of damage to your tables and floors. But first, let us see who the perfect customer for Sport squad HX40 air hockey tabletop is.

Sport Squad HX 40-inch Tabletop air hockey table Review

Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Tabletop Review

Who Is It For?

Sport squad HX40 air hockey tabletop is only 40 inches in length. It features lightweight pucks and strikers, so it is originally intended for children ages 4-12. The weight of the equipment will suit them perfectly because they will easily use them.

However, it is not exclusively made for children. Yes, this tabletop is essentially just a well-crafted toy, but it does not mean that adults cannot partake in a game or two! Moreover, there are many college students who purchase the tabletops so they can play in their tight-spaced dorm rooms. This air hockey tabletop is compact and portable in design, so it allows you to store it away until you need it.

That being said, this tabletop is perfect for basically everyone who enjoys playing air hockey in their spare time!

What Do You Get?

Sport Squad HX 40-inch air hockey table

When purchasing Sport squad HX40 air hockey tabletop you get your money’s worth definitely. With a minimal assembly time, and a one year warranty you get:

  • 40 x 20 x 5 (L x W x H) smooth playing surface, supported with a sturdy engineered wood tabletop with air-powered motor
  • Two lightweight plastic strikers perfect for kids’ sized hand
  • Two plastic pucks approximately 2.5in in diameter
  • Two-goal boxes for easy puck return
  • Non-marking rubber pads that ensure no scratches on the tables and floors
  • Adapter for the electric fan
  • Manual siding abacus scorers

You need to consider the fact that the accessories are specifically made for this kind of table so you won’t be able to upgrade them or replace them with other brand air hockey tabletop accessories.

This product does NOT come with an electronic scoring system and legs that can be attached under the surface to heighten the tabletop.

Highlighted Features

Sport Squad HX 40-inch Review

For being this low priced, this tabletop is built rather well. As we have said, it is made out of solid and durable MDF hardwood. This means it will not break and split easily. You need to know that many other 40’’ sized air hockey table tops are made out of cheap plastic.

As we have previously mentioned, when you purchase this product there will be some assembling required, and you may need a screwdriver.

This tabletop features AC-12V motor with a provided adapter. The electric fan ensures the smooth, fast, and thrilling game of air hockey.

Another thing to consider is that there are myriad of air hockey tabletops that fool you with not including the air motor. These air hockey tabletops rely on a slick plastic playing surface. But if you want a true air hockey game we all know that nothing can replace an air-powered motor.

You can place this tabletop on any table in your house, or you can place it on the floor and play it that way.

Comparison with a Similar Product

Sport Squad HX 40-inch Tabletop Review

There are many air hockey tabletops available on the market now. It can be fairly difficult to find the perfect one since there are lots of things to consider about them.

However, a product that is also one of the best-reviewed and most sought for, beside Sport squad HX40 one, is Mainstreet Classics 42-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table. These two products are fairly similar.

The price, material, and dimensions are more or less the same.

However, the Mainstreet tabletop air hockey table does not come with protective rubber pads that keep your surfaces scratch-free. So if you opt for that one, you need to be very careful with where you place it. As we know, Sport squad tabletop does come with the pads.

These two products are in other aspects rather identical. The only other major difference is in color. Sport squad HX40 has a bluish finish, and the Mainstreet tabletop has a wood-imitation finish.


All in all, Sport squad HX40 air hockey tabletop is guaranteed to satisfy your needs. It is easily and quickly assembled and its portable design allows for storing away. You will 100% find this substitute for a standard air hockey table more than entertaining whether you are a kid or an adult!

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