Best Air Hockey Table for Kids [Buying guide & Reviews 2021]

As we all know, children always find a way to have fun. And, one of the best ways for a kid to enjoy and spend some quality time is to play some Air Hockey. The only thing you need to do is to find the best air hockey table for kids.

Considering how much kids love to play competitive games, by finding the perfect air hockey table you will surely bring a smile on your kid’s face. The game is easy to play and very fun itself, but the table is also very important for having a fully enjoyable experience when playing.

The first part of this review will provide you with just enough information about how you can choose the best table for your kids based on our suggestions, while the rest of the review will be a useful buying guide.

best air hockey table for kids

Our suggestions are carefully chosen on the principle of giving as much joy possible to our young ones and making your children happy when playing this amazing game. Air hockey can be very addicting and your kids will probably spend a lot of time playing it.

That’s why we present to you a list of the most secure air hockey tables, which will bring the sensation of comfortable playing without a chance of your kids hurting themselves.

The Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids

Before we are going on the reviews, let us show you the best selling models.

Here are some of the best air hockey tables for kids that we stumbled upon. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

1)    Hathaway Hat Trick Table for Kids

Hathaway Hat Trick Table for Kids

This 4-Ft Air Hockey table is a great choice for kids and adults as well. It is a very high-quality made air hockey table made in the US using a combination of classic craftsmanship with modern technology to provide strong and stable support for your kids when playing.

It is also very good for beginners so your kids will have no problem getting into the game. The size is perfect for your young ones so they will have a perfect gaming experience with this table.

Next, the construction is wooden with reinforcements so it will certainly last longer and the safety matters, in this case, are reduced to a minimum since your kids will not be able to hurt themselves while playing.

The thing your children will definitely like the most about this air hockey table is that the puck is professionally made for high performance and fast gliding, so they will feel like real professionals.

Pros and Highlights:

  • Extremely safe to use for kids
  • Made of fine materials without sharp edges
  • High-performance playing puck
  • Both manual and analog scoring display
  • Leg levelers for any surface
  • Quality construction which your kids won’t break easily

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • Non-adjustable height

2)    Point Games Blazing Air Hockey

Point Games Blazing Air Hockey

Among air hockey tables, when it comes to easily set and sporty design, the Point games Blazing is certainly one of the best on the market.

What makes this table so special is the unique gliding technology which uses a high-pressured blazing fan for high-speed gliding of the puck. This table is smaller size and comes without legs, so you can easily set it up for your kids basically anywhere they want to play – outside, on the table or the floor, it really is that easy.

The safety of your kids was first on the manufacturer’s mind since the edges of the table are very smooth and soft and there are no parts of this game that your kids could swallow.

It’s also very convenient for your children to practice their reflexes considering just how fast the puck glides on this air hockey table. Durable wood used for construction will surely preserve the game long term, so you get a great interactive game for your children at a very affordable price.

Pros and Highlights:

  • Extremely safe for children
  • Features soft edges
  • Lightweight construction and convenient board
  • Perfect size for kids
  • Fast gliding speed

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • The table is made for smaller children so it comes without legs for playing while standing
  • Comes with manual scoring option only

3)    Best Choice Products 54-Inch Air Hockey Table

Best Choice Products 54-Inch Air Hockey Table

The best choice products 54-inch air hockey table is one of the most feature-rich tables you can get in this price point category.

It’s made of durable materials and brings perfect gaming fun experience for the whole family. Also, it is recommended for kids over the age of 8, but considering its high-stability legs, it’s also good for parents as well.

This table is fully equipped with an LED scoreboard, high-pressure fan for fast gliding and comes with two pucks and two pushers. The edges are greatly protected so your kids will not hurt themselves playing. It’s also very lightweight considering the size of the table which will give your kids a great playing experience since the surface where the puck travels is similar to the original in the arcade shop.

It’s very convenient even for younger kids to play since there is no switch on the table, it is powered on when plugged in and turns off when you plug it out. And the best thing about it is that you will feel closer to your kids’ age when playing against them on this stand-and-play air hockey table.

Pros and Highlights:

  • Steady airflow
  • LED Scoreboard
  • Perfect for kids and adults as well
  • Large play board with a strong fan
  • Made of strong iron and has a durable reinforced construction

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • The legs are too tall for children under the age of 8 as well as the board

4)    Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54inches Air Hockey Table

When it comes to fun, excitement, and quality spent time, this air hockey table is definitely the right call.

Namely, the most important thing about this table is that it will be so interesting to your young ones, that you just won’t be able to make them stop playing this game.

The LED lights are all over the table, making it more interesting to play in the dark. Corners are flashing when any team scores providing the feeling of real competition. It comes with the adjustable leg levelers to make sure that your children will have a flat play board, no matter how uneven your floor is.

Next, leg cross braces will give the players enough support when playing, and the LED scoring system will make sure that they will get intense tournament feeling.

The table is seemingly large, but still convenient for children of all ages, while still being lightweight so your kids will avoid getting hurt if the table gets flipped.

Pros and Highlights:

  • Made for kids of all ages
  • LED ambient lighting to make the game even more interesting and competitive
  • Lightweight construction
  • Two different team colors
  • No small parts children could swallow

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • Potential problems with the leg levelers

5)    Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

The Playcraft Sport 40-inch long air hockey table is one of the shortest and safest air hockey tables for kids. However, it still ensures fun experience and quality time spent.

The main benefit of this table is that it’s quite convenient for so many reasons. It’s designed not to be very long so it can fit in any room you have for it. Also, it comes without legs.

Next, it’s one of the best sit-and-play tables on the market. It is great for smaller children since you do not need to be in a standing position to play.

You can set it up on the table, on the bed or even on the floor, the Playcraft Sport 40 will always make a nice and flat field for air hockey tournaments. The fan is not that strong so this table is perfect for kids who play out of fun, considering how faster the puck glides on some more professional tables.

But that doesn’t mean it is a bad air hockey table. Being recommended for children under the age of 10, it probably won’t be able for someone older to play.

This is because the accessories are quite small and the whole table is designed for very small but brave players. This table is very affordable and well-built considering its price, so it has everything your kids need to have some fun.

Pros and Highlights:

  • Very convenient and small package
  • Lightweight construction
  • Quick puck return puck catchers
  • Very safe to use for children with very low risk of injury

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • The table is very small as well as the accessories, so it is not recommended for older children

6)    Best Choice Products 40in Air Hockey Table

Best Choice Products 40in Air Hockey Table

If you are looking to buy a small-sized air hockey table for a bit smaller children, Best choice 40 is a great choice for your kids.

First of all, this is one of the better-equipped air hockey tables that you can find out there. The electric 100V fan motor will give your kids a sensation of being real professionals.

All you need to do is plug in the adapter and the motor will create a great smooth surface for puck gliding. The best way of playing on this table is when sitting, since it comes with no legs but features small leg extensions to give the players as much support possible and the flat playfield as well.

This table comes with manual scoreboard and puck return which works very nicely and will make sure to keep the game lasting. The lightweight construction will make sure that your kids won’t hurt themselves if they accidentally drop or flip the table.

Also, the table is made of wood and other high-quality materials which will ensure that your kids have only the best time playing.

Pros and Highlights:

  • The smaller size and weight for making it more convenient for small children
  • The electric motor which gives the players great gliding experience
  • Manual puck return with no chance of malfunction
  • Wooden construction for long-lasting
  • Accessory size convenient for kids and adults as well

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • The edges are not sharp but not that much smooth either considering the wooden construction

7)    Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

In case you are searching for an electric-motored air hockey table for children, this one should reach your shortlist. The Sport Squad HX40 is powered by a strong electric fan which will ensure that your kids get a fast going game without malfunction.

The puck on this table travels very fast while everything is designed to provide a better gaming experience your kids could definitely enjoy.

The pushers are made for swift shots exclusively so that is something your children will love. The game on this portable board is very competitive and interesting but what more could you expect from a manufacturer which makes the products based on customer satisfaction and feedback.

However, this table is not made out of many quality or strong materials but it will last long considering that it has a lot of surface protectors which do not affect the gaming experience.

Lastly, this game produces very silent sounds, so your kids will be able to have fun even in the late hours.

Pros and Highlights:

  • High-speed traveling puck
  • Well designed puck pushers great for swift shots
  • Great for small children
  • Provides the gaming experience most similar to the arcade shops
  • Have no sharp edges or potential dangerous parts for kids

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • This table is recommended for kids under the age of 10 due to its smaller size
  • The materials used in making are not of premium quality, but easily last very long

8)    Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table

Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table

When buying an air hockey table for your kids, you will probably look for the most realistic one out there. The Goplus Air Powered air hockey table offers you and your children a great gaming experience enhanced with the table surface coating for much better gliding of the puck.

It is generated by an electric motor for higher speed and has everything you need for an interesting game night. It comes with legs for standing and playing and is made of fine materials with strong construction to prevent the table from shaking or moving when the game is on.

Furthermore, the LED score tracker is in charge of keeping track of the game, and all of the accessories can be used by small children and adults as well, so your kids will never grow old for this game.

Adjustable legs will make sure that your height is good for the game so even small kids will be able to stand and play like real professionals.

Pros and Highlights:

  • LED ambient lighting and score tracker
  • Adjustable legs for height
  • Table surface coating and electric motor adapter for faster flow of the game
  • Accessories in size for players of all ages
  • Stable construction

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • Possible motor battery malfunction which can be easily changed after a long time of playing and using

9)    Hathaway Power Play 40-in Portable Table

Hathaway Power Play 40-in Portable Table

The Hathaway Power Play 40 is one of the best equipped sit-and-play air hockey tables for kids you can find on the market.

This portable table features leg pads for preserving the bottom of the table and comes with a variety of accessories your kids will use in the game. The leg pads will provide your game with high stability so it’s recommended for kids of all ages.

Also, this is a small-sized, compact portable table with very fast puck flow speed. Being of such a small size and lightweight, it is perfect for carrying to the birthday parties or similar events, and will surely bring more fun to your house.

The construction is made of strong materials and is very durable considering the affordable price of this air hockey table.

It also comes with 2 sets of pushers and 3 fast gliding pucks. The edges and handles have rubber extensions so this table is very safe for young children as well.

On top of that, the gameplay experience is even more interesting with the manual score tracker and the playing field will surprise you with the gaming experience for such a small board.

Pros and Highlights:

  • Portable and lightweight table which is easy to carry
  • Perfect for birthdays and celebrations
  • Good for children of all ages
  • Strong reinforced material with soft edges
  • Modified leg pads for better preservation of the table

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • Small table size but with an admirable play capabilities
  • Lack of LED lights makes it more difficult to play in the dark

How to Choose the Perfect Air Hockey Table for Your Kids?

Choosing a perfect air hockey table for your kid can be a very complicated mission since the grown-ups are not paying that much attention to the bond between the games and children. That is why when choosing the right table you have to keep several important aspects in your mind:

  • Safety Options

Of course, the first thing you would want to prevent when buying air hockey is possible injuries. No matter how funny it sounds to you now, several manufacturers have been closed up for producing game components of small size.

Small children often put their toys in their mouths so you will want to prevent this behavior. That is why you need to pay additional attention to the contents of the box when you select your table.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of cutting on the sharp edges of the wooden constructed tables. You can avoid this problem by selecting the air hockey table with rubber extensions on the edges.

tabletop air hockey table for kids

  • Size and Weight of the Table

Every kid that enjoys playing air hockey will want to have the perfect playfield and the right pusher size since some manufacturers produce very small pushers which children easily outgrow. It is best to choose adjustable tables with lightweight constructions and accessories made for people of all ages. In that case, if your kid finds its pusher too large, you can always buy a smaller pusher afterward.

kid size air hockey table

  • Gameplay Features

You probably know how kids tend to always be the best at something, so buying a poorly equipped air hockey table will leave them with no satisfaction.

To avoid this problem, it is probably best if you buy a table which resembles the one your child enjoys playing in the arcade shop. It is recommended to buy the model with lots of LED lights and LED score tracker.

This way you will know that you can’t miss, but always keep in mind security measures first.

Benefits of Playing Air Hockey

Parents often decide not to buy violent games for their children since they want to teach them how violence is bad. On the same principle, if you buy them a perfect air hockey table instead, they will probably learn a lot of important things such as patience, working in a team, the importance of participating over winning, and more.

kids air hockey table

With this entertaining game, you will be able to make even Computer obsessed children outside to play a game of air hockey with their friends. The best thing they can learn is how much fun it is to play with other kids in person and not just only via the internet. This way they can learn how to behave when winning, but also how to handle losing in a good way and be happy by just playing.

By playing this competitive game with other kids, your children will greatly gain motor skills since no matter how good they are at it, there is always someone better to compete with. This way kids will learn how important it is to have a strong grip when holding something, and also with how much strength a person should push the pucks.

Some studies even proved how much by playing this and similar games kids can gain in social skills.  It is also much more pleasant for your kid’s young eyes to not look into the computer screen when playing, and the best thing is – no matter how much they play, your children will love playing air hockey more and more.


By teaching your kids how to play games like air hockey, you can motivate them significantly in several areas.

By reading this article, hopefully, you will understand a little better the importance of playing these games as a kid, and also by what exact parameters could you find and choose a perfect air hockey table for your kids.

Not all manufacturers care so much about certain aspects of the game, so when searching to buy the best air hockey table for your child/children, be sure to bear in mind the important characteristics we listed in this article.


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