Best Full-Size Air Hockey Tables for 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

We can all agree that air hockey is quite addictive and fun game to play, especially if you have a full-size air hockey table. Simply speaking, in order to enjoy this game, it’s quite crucial to get the best possible table.

However, it’s not that easy to choose the best one since there are many possibilities to go with it. Luckily, we are here to explain everything that you need to know about full-size air hockey table models.

So, let’s get down to business, shall we?

First, we will take a closer look at some of the best air hockey tables we stumbled upon on the market. And, later on, we’ll go through some of the most important things you need to consider before getting an air hockey table.

Best Full-Size Air Hockey Tables

Anyhow, let us begin.

Best Full-Size Air Hockey Tables

Before we go on the reviews, let us show you the best selling models.

Here is a list of 14 carefully chosen best full-size Air Hockey tables. Let us see what these tables have in store for you today.

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Full-Size Table

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Full-Size Table

Triumph’s Fire and Ice is certainly one of the most feature-rich full-size Air Hockey tables on the market. This amazing high-stability table will surely bring the fun in your home, as the table is made great even for beginners and small children.

The board features LED lighting, electronic LED scoreboard and glowing pucks as well, so this table is perfect for great fun in the dark, which will for sure be more attractive for playing.

The corners of the table are equipped with lights in the corners, so when each goal is scored, the lights will turn on.

If you are worried about having uneven floors for this game, you can rest assured while the table features quality-made adjustable leg levelers, which will certainly provide you with a flat playing area on every occasion.


  • High-performance playing pucks
  • LED lighting in the corners to announce each goal
  • LED playing pucks
  • Adjustable leg levelers for a flat playing surface
  • Great for beginners and kids

Cons :

  • The size of the table makes it hard for very small children to play

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

Triumph Lumen – X full-sized Air Hockey table has a lot of added equipment. This feature-rich Air Hockey table is a perfect combination of aesthetic light details and useful gameplay features.

This table is designed to provide the players with the funniest gaming experience possible. It features in-game sounds and music, light effects each time a goal is scored and a digital LED scoreboard which is perfect for an accurate track of the result.

Namely, the table comes in with two big legs with levelers to ensure that you will have a flat surface for playing, and good stability at the same time.

When it comes to the gameplay experience, the table is equipped with dual electric motors responsible for generating twice as much air in comparison with the standard Air Hockey tables.


  • Dual motors for better flow of the puck and better gaming experience
  • Two high-stability adjustable legs with levelers for flat surface
  • Digital Display
  • LED scoreboard for accurate tracking of the score
  • Added in-game features and sounds, which along with the music creates a competitive atmosphere


  • Not that much affordable price
  • Might be a little tricky for beginners at first

Triumph Blue-Line 7′ Air-Powered Hockey Table

Triumph Blue-Line 7 Air-Powered Hockey Table

This board offers amazing entertainment for the entire family which you will be addicted to playing for hours.

The table is powered by 110V air-powered motor which creates great gliding experience, as well as the extremely fast gliding speed for intense and competitive gameplay.

Among other amazing features, this table has a conversion option for making a table tennis table or a table surface good for other types of games.

The LED lighting will help you have more fun when playing on Triumph Blue-Line 7 Air Hockey table, while the leg levelers are capable of adjusting to make a flat surface for playing in any conditions.

The digital display on the rail will provide you with the possibility of keeping score track, as well to see the time of each game.

The table comes with large playing pushers great for beginners to use for better control of the puck.


  • A full-size air hockey table with possibility of conversion
  • Strong air motion motor for faster and precise gameplay
  • LED time tracker and scoreboard
  • Big leg levelers for creating a flat surface


  • Comes with no spare pushers and pucks
  • Additional conversion equipment might be necessary to purchase after you purchase the table

MD Sports Air Powered Full-Size Hockey Table

MD Sports Air Powered Full-Size Hockey Table

The review revealed that this table offers much more than what you would say at first sight. The board is equipped with strong Air-powered motor for great gliding experience, and all of the components are softened on the edges to improve the durability of this amazing table game.

This will help preserve your table like it is new, and make it last in its original shape for many years.

The necessary playing equipment is included in the package, and this Air Hockey table comes with 4 playing pushers and 4 pucks, which is satisfying considering what you get in other playsets.

Among all these convenient features, the board has a big display located above the center of the playing field, for better tracking of score and time for all players.

If you are looking to buy a fun full-size air hockey table, make sure to check out the MD Sports tables.

Pros :

  • A complete playing set with all the equipment necessary included
  • Air-powered motor for better gliding
  • Softened edges for better table preservation
  • Very large leg levelers for maximum efficiency
  • Great for beginners and kids

Cons :

  • The table size might be a little tricky for little children to play

ESPN Air Hockey Table

ESPN Air Hockey Table

This Air Hockey table is equipped with all the features you would expect from a full-size air hockey table from the arcade game shop.

It comes with 4 pushers and 4 pucks, making it perfect for playing in teams.

The table is equipped with the score tracker installed across the center of the board, as well as with arcade sounds and visual effects for the better gaming experience.

A 120V fan motor will keep your puck moving with amazing speed, so you will have no issues in gliding.

When it comes to stability, the table is equipped with the latest full panel leg support system, as well as very big levelers resulting in very high stability for easier playing.

As a finishing touch, there is an original ESPN table cover to provide the best protection against scratches, making this table one of the best and most equipped on the market.


  • Full-size Air Hockey table with every needed accessory included
  • Table cover and specifically designed accessories for better durability of the table
  • 120V fan motor providing immense game speed
  • Full panel leg supports for better stability
  • Visual and sound effects for a sense of a real arcade experience
  • Great for a team playing with enough space for 4 players


  • Not so convenient for extremely high persons, since the table has no significant height modifier

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5 Air Hockey Table

Looking for a real sensation of an arcade shop Air Hockey table? Then this amazing Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey table is just what you need. The table features design resembling the real full-size Air Hockey tables from the Arcade.

To make sure that the players have the most sufficient arcade gameplay, the surface of the table is made of fine PVC material to provide the best possible gliding surface.

Ambient lights will definitely help you feel like in a real competition, while the intense sounds and music will make you go for the win.

After each goal, the lights will change into a different color, making the game as fun as possible.

For the fast pace of the game, a strong 120V motor is delivering more than enough airflow on the surface, so you will get a feeling that the puck is just flying over the board.

The table features 4 traditional legs for support, adjustable for creating a flat playing field.


  • Strong motor to power the game with immense gliding speed
  • Ambient lights, as well as the original pusher and puck lights, installed
  • Fast-paced music in the game
  • Lights changing after every goal
  • PVC made playing surface for the fastest gliding possible


  • Due to its weight, a table should not be in the reach of very small children for safety matters

American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table

American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table

This table made it to the top tables list for its unique design and convenience of using. It is easy to see that this table will provide you with everything you need for a great gaming experience.

The overhead bar features both-sides electronic trackers for the score of the game, which can be combined with two additional manually-controlled score trackers.

Two high-stability legs will make sure you have the best possible sensation when playing on any type of surface. This table comes with 4 pushers and additional pucks making it great for multiplayer.

The 115V fan motor has proven great for fast-paced gameplay which combining with high stability and durability, as well with classic design, takes this board to a whole new level when it comes to full-sized Air Hockey tables.


  • Made of strong and durable materials for great preservation ability
  • Great for playing in teams
  • Both electronic and manual scoreboards
  • High stable legs for providing the best possible support to the players
  • Classic Arcade design


  • The design and lack of gameplay effects might make this table great for experienced players, but not that much interesting for small children

Atomic 7.5’ Contour Air Powered Hockey Table

Atomic 7.5 Contour Air Powered Hockey Table

This is one of the most modern full-sized Air Hockey tables on the market. The Atomic Contour Air Hockey table will certainly bring joy and competition to your household and provide the best possible arcade experience for your family and friends.

The table comes with 4 pushers and 4 packs enabling it to support up to 4 players in a single game.

Atomic Contour is equipped with 4 high-stability legs, so you will have no problem adjusting the stability and flat surface matters.

The new ScoreLinx system is responsible for in-game sounds and visual effects, while also giving you the possibility to log in the app on your phone and adjust player names, images, and team data.

Using the new ScoreLinx system will definitely make the game more interesting for everyone, while you will have a chance to customize this Air Hockey table your own way.


  • The new customizable app system for better control of the game information and effects, and the ability to adjust the game to your will
  • Possibility of Multiplayer
  • High-end scoreboard
  • Full arcade experience


  • No height modifier
  • Great for gameplay effects, but comes with a little less powerful motor

Atomic Avenger 8 Hockey Table

Atomic Avenger 8 Hockey Table

When it comes to modern high-end Air Hockey tables, the Atomic Avenger is certainly one of the best on the market. With this table, the designers gave their best to accomplish the perfect balance of a high-stability durable construction and modern gameplay features that will blow your mind.

The touch screen panel will allow you to have control over the game – the scoreboard and other gameplay details will be in reach of your finger. The latest technology was applied when creating the surface of this table and made it significantly faster for puck gliding than most of the competition.

LED lights in the rails and the scoreboard will improve the gameplay, while the 120V fan motor will make sure that your game has a very high pace. The music and sounds are also modified by the touch screen controller, so you can adjust the game however you wish. If you are looking for a modern, fast-paced Air Hockey table, make sure you put this one to your shortlist.


  • Touch screen controls for better handling of the game
  • 120V fan motor enables the fast pace of the puck
  • LED lights in the rail and the scoreboard
  • In-game visual and sound effects making it more competitive


  • Comes with no spare game features and pushers

Hall of Games Edgewood 8.4″

Hall of Games Edgewood 8.4

What makes this table so remarkable is its stable and unique construction combined with a powerful 120V motor.

The table features wooden legs reinforced with metal bars to provide the players with a high-stability sensation and puts the focus entirely on the game. On the inner side of the legs, the levelers are located for better adjustment and creation of a flat playing surface.

The air-powered motor with high performance is responsible for easy and fast gliding of the puck making the game even more competitive.

An integrated digital LED scoreboard has proven great in keeping the score, making sure that the game offers everything required for the best gameplay of Air Hockey.


  • Perfect size to fit a room or a playroom
  • High-stability legs for great support when striking the puck
  • Adjustable leg levelers for a flatter play surface
  • LED digital scoreboard
  • In-game visual and sound effects


  • Reinforced wooden legs could make the table a little heavy for carrying

Hathaway Trailblazer 7′ Full-Size Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Trailblazer 7 Full-Size Air Hockey Table

This modern Air Hockey table is a great choice for all those of us that enjoy simplicity and usefulness.

The surface of the table is made of fine materials dedicated for better gliding of the puck. The digital board will accurately keep track of time and score of the game, as well as provide you with visual and sound effects needed for a real arcade experience.

The board also comes with 4 oversized leg levelers perfect for maintaining support and stability in the game, as well as for keeping the playing field flat on any surface.

If you are looking for a modern fast-paced Air Hockey table to buy, then the Hathaway Trailblazer is the right choice for you.


  • Digital scoreboard for keeping track of time and score
  • Real arcade sounds and effects
  • 4 leg levelers for higher support


  • Commercial-grade motor fan

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite is a great full-sized arcade Air Hockey table with great features. This board has all that it takes to make it one of the best full-sized tables on the market.

It comes with a unique laminated playing surface which will make sure that you have no damage done to the playing field of your Air Hockey table for years.

Having a very solid construction, this table is equipped with 4 corner positioned legs with levelers to create the best possible support and flat surface for puck gliding.

It was designed by using useful ideas from Air Hockey playing experts, to develop the best experience for the players.

If you are looking for a solid, professionally made Air Hockey table that will meet the demands of your family and friends, make sure to put this one to your shortlist.


  • Professional playing surface made of PVC and fine materials
  • Durable and stable construction for longer lasting and more convenient playing
  • 4 corner based legs with flat surface levelers
  • Designed by Air Hockey Champions
  • Provides a great playing experience


  • Lack of gameplay visual and sound effects and features may make the game not that much interesting for the small children

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table

For its class, this board comes with various accessories which will make the game easier and more fun to play.

The UL Blower is in charge of keeping the air flowing over the whole surface of the table, so you won’t have a single problem concerning dead spots or your puck stopping or slowing down.

The table is uniquely designed, so the support is done in a little bit different way than the usual. The game has a sturdy pedestal base, with regulators so you can rest assured that the board offers high-stability and flat playing surface at any moment.

It comes with 4 pucks and 2 pushers, making it a very well equipped full-size Air Hockey table. The design is very modern and interesting as well, so if you are looking for a good equipped high stability Air Hockey table to buy, be sure to consider purchasing this one.

Pros and Highlights:

  • Very high-stability table holders
  • Modern and unique design
  • Comes with the necessary equipment
  • Has a special blower to cover and supply the whole playing field with air

Cons and Potential Flaws:

  • Comes with no spare pushers
  • Has not so many interesting effects for the kids

Playcraft – Center Ice 7′ Air Hockey Table

Playcraft - Center Ice 7 Air Hockey Table

We had a great chance of doing a review for Playcraft Center Ice full-sized Air Hockey table with lots of features that will make the game more convenient for you and take it to another level.

The board is equipped with a powerful 120V motor that will supply the surface with enough air for fast-paced gameplay.

Pedestal style legs will provide sufficient support, so you will not have to worry about the stability of the table.

The special electronic scoreboard will help you stay focused in the game, with its hide-away option which will make the score tracking easier.

If you are worried about the surface of the table, rest assured since the Center Ice is equipped with PVC tabletop for better gliding of the puck and protection, as well as with the leg levelers which are oversized, so you will always have a nice and flat gaming field.


  • Comes with a PVC material protection of the surface
  • Powered by a 120V motor to keep the air flowing
  • Pedestal legs for higher support
  • Hide-away option for score tracking


  • No spare pushers included
  • Lack of visual effects

Most Important Things to Know When Buying Full-Sized Air Hockey Table

When the moment comes when you have to choose the perfect full-sized Air Hockey table for your family and friends, there are several points that need to be covered in order for you to get the best possible table:

Full Size Air Hockey Table

  • Choose a table with a powerful motor or blower – This can be the most important thing you should do when buying a full-sized Air Hockey table.

You should always look to buy a table with a powerful motor to avoid possible consequences of dead space or avoid having spots on the table where the air is not flowing at all.

This could cause your gameplay to be significantly slower, and even ruin the feeling for the players.

To prevent that from happening, you should always search for a table that has a motor with power over 110V, possibly the best air motors are those with the power of 120V.

  • Choose a table with the surface made of fine materials and PVC – In case you are buying a full-size Air Hockey table, it is very important to choose the one with good durability, possibly with the scratch-resistant surface, since the playing field is the most important component of an Air Hockey table.
  • Make sure that the table has leg levelers and strong support – It is crucial to find the table with the biggest leg levelers possible because there is a high chance you will need to use them to fixate the table in a way it creates a flat playing surface.

It is also important to choose carefully the table with strong support, preferably with the adjustable corner legs.

  • If your children will play, search for the table with LED lights, digital boards, and in-game effects – In case you are buying the table for your kids, or to play with them, try to find the one with as much visual and sound effects possible.

This will make the game more interesting and competitive for your kids, and give them a sense of real competition.

How big is a Full-Size Air Hockey Table?

It is crucial to measure the spacing of your game room when trying to fit a full-size Air Hockey table.

You will also need to take into account the space you need to use when playing, so your table will consume even more room to fit.

Overall, the standard measures of a full-sized Air Hockey table are between 7 to 8 feet or 84 to 96 inches.

Based on the size of the tables, it would also be very difficult to play in teams if using a small-sized Air Hockey table, while if using the full-sized one, you will easily be able to do that.


As we can clearly see, choosing a full-size air hockey table is not that easy after all. You have to take a lot of things into consideration and find the best one that suits your needs.

However, we prepared this review for you in order to get the best picture of the most valuable air hockey tables and hopefully get the one you like.

Anyhow, it’s up to you now, just keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with the tables we provided here.

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