Best Mini Air Hockey Table [Reviews & Buying Guide 2021]

Have you ever needed fun and competitive table arcade game that you can easily use when traveling with your family and friends on road trips or vacations? In that case, one of the best mini air hockey tables is just the thing you need.

Not only would you be able to spend some quality time with your friends or family, but also, you’ll find that this game is quite addictive and competitive in the first place. Therefore, prepare to be really caught up in it.

We will now focus on some of the best mini air hockey reviews chosen for you, and later on, we will explain the advantages and buying guide for the best mini air hockey tables.

Best mini air hockey table

Best Mini Air Hockey Tables

First, let we see the best selling models.

And now, let’s see some of the best carefully chosen mini air hockey tables:

Lanos Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

Lanos Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

For the start, we did a review for the Lanos Mini Air Hockey table, and it is just what you need for fitting all kinds of small rooms and spaces.

This table carries all the features of a full-scale Air Hockey table while being a 4-foot modern Mini Air Hockey table.

It comes with a very smooth gliding surface, 2 pucks and 2 pushers, an electronic LED display and much more of the cool features just any Air Hockey table needs.

It is powered by a strong air blower motor to ensure that your game has fast pace and action and to provide the players with the real sensation of a full arcade-style Air Hockey.


  • Comes with a full playing equipment
  • Strong leg supporters for flat playing surface
  • Strong air blower
  • LED display


  • Have no spare parts included

Lanos 40 Inch Tabletop Air Hockey

Lanos 40 Inch Tabletop Air Hockey

When it comes to the convenience of a Mini Air Hockey table, this one is for sure one of the best options for fitting small spaces.

What is so great about it is that it comes with no actual legs with levelers, but it is a tabletop game with small non-scratch legs.

It is portable and very easy to use since you can play on any flat surface from your table to the floor if necessary.

Being so compact is not all that this table offers – it comes fully equipped for playing along with some amazing gameplay features such as pucks, pushers, goals, and power adapters.

Simply assemble this great arcade and enjoy competitive playing with your close ones.

The game is fast-paced, being powered by an electric motor and has all you could ask for to enjoy a great game of Air Hockey.


  • Very convenient and portable compact edition
  • Great for travels, birthdays and family events
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Comes with all the necessary equipment


  • Comes with no legs for playing in a standing position

Sport Squad HX40 Mini Air Hockey

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

It is powered by AC-12V strong motor for the best possible air-flow and gameplay.

This table is compact and portable, easy to assemble and great for playing in all occasions.

The recommended way of playing is on a flat surface such as a table or room floor while giving you enough space to maneuver and tactical playing.

The high output fan will provide you with the sensation of playing the real arcade Air Hockey table.

The table comes fully equipped, so you won’t have to bother buying additional pucks and pushers.


  • Portable edition easy to carry and transport
  • Full playing equipment
  • High output fan for fast-paced gameplay
  • Great for playing in all conditions


  • Comes with no legs for playing in the standing position

Best Choice Products 40-inch

Best Choice Products 40in Air Hockey Table

This tabletop Mini Air Hockey table comes with 2 pushers and pucks as well as spare pushers for better playing convenience.

The table is powered by a strong electric 100V motor that supports the playing field by giving it the best gliding air support.

This table is meant for playing on flat surfaces, and its 40-inch size makes it just perfect for transport and fitting small spaces.

The pucks and goal boxes are manual and adjustable, so the whole table is easily adjusted within just 5 minutes, and you are ready to play.


  • Convenient tabletop design
  • Full equipment enabling up to 4 players
  • Enough space on the playing field for every player to have space for maneuver
  • Fast-paced air-powered gameplay


  • Comes without leg levelers for support when playing while standing

Playcraft Sport 40-inch

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

This table is made for children although it is possible to play along if you are an adult as well.

The table features an air-powered motor which enables the playing field to be smooth for gliding.

The air supply to the top of the field is good, and the puck is flowing with the speed enough to play almost like a full-size Air Hockey table.

It comes with equipped pushers and pucks while also ABS catchers for pucks, for better gameplay.

This is a tabletop Air Hockey which considering its small size, provides a generally smooth play to bring competitive spirit to the game.


  • Smooth edges for better action
  • Catchers for easier puck control
  • Comes with the necessary equipment
  • Powered by air blower motor for better gliding speed


  • The size of the table will make it slightly difficult for adults to play

Hey! Play! Mini Tabletop Air Hockey

Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table

Another example of a great and affordable Mini Air Hockey table is the Hey! Play! tabletop arcade game.

This table is made to be a perfect fit for any room in your house, which will bring the competitive spirit into your household.

You will certainly try and play with your kids as well since the game has considerably fast-paced gameplay for its size.

The air pumping motor blower is powering the playing field, and equipment included will make you want to play the game right away.

With the easy puck return and score tracking system, the game will be very convenient to use even for very small children.


  • Score tracking system
  • Comes with included pucks and pushers
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Great for small children
  • Fits in every room, floor bed or table
  • Good airflow for better gaming speed


  • Due to its size, the table might be hard for adults to play

Rally and Roar Mini Air Hockey Table

Rally and Roar Mini Air Hockey Table

The Rally and Roar Mini Air Hockey is just what you need when looking for a smaller table that will perform close to the real deal.

This table is equipped with 4 small legs for better support and flat surface when playing, they are adjustable and easy to assemble.

The playing components are also included in the game, so you won’t have to bother searching for them afterward.

This table has two installed scoreboards for easier tracking of the game, and installed system for puck return to make it more convenient and faster to play.

The air supply to the field is very nice considering the small air blower installed, so overall if you are looking to buy a small Air Hockey table, this one is a very good choice.


  • Easy assembly of legs and goals
  • Multiple pucks and pushers
  • Air blower for fast gliding of the puck
  • Two scoreboards
  • High stability legs


  • No anti-scratch protection

Sunnydaze Portable Air Hockey

Sunnydaze Portable Air Hockey

This table comes with all the items needed for the play included: one frame, two goals, a puck that is charging via USB port, and two pushers.

This game can be played on any flat surface since the puck is electric and glides easily on the table, floor or any room you have for it.

It is a very convenient and reliable Air Hockey table which can easily be transported and carried.

The game is very easy to use for beginners and children, and the assembly is very fun.


  • Fully equipped air hockey game
  • 1 electric puck and two pushers
  • The puck runs for 30 minutes when fully charged
  • Very easy to use and assemble on any flat surface


  • The game comes with a frame, so people that prefer having playing field should buy a table version

Bits and Pieces – Extreme Air Hockey Table Game

Bits and Pieces - Extreme Air Hockey Table Game

If you are looking for a great and reliable Mini Air Hockey Table, you should certainly put Bits and Pieces Air Hockey to your list.

This small table is made in such a manner to give all the elements of a full-scale Air Hockey Tables, only in a smaller package.

The game is powered by a battery motor that is supplying the playing field with air to keep the game running smoothly at any time.

All the needed playing components come included, as well as manual score trackers to stay in touch with the game.

This Air Hockey Table is great for kids and beginners, with just enough space to strike and maneuver.


  • Battery-powered motor
  • Fast game pace
  • Compact and easy to transport


  • Not so satisfying for adults to play for the small size of the table

Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

This is certainly what you would search for when choosing a smaller Air Hockey table. Everything you could need is already included in the package – pucks and pushers as well as manual sliding score trackers.

The game is powered by 110V electric motor for good gaming speed, and the size of the table is perfect for the beginners.

If you are an adult, there is a possibility to play along with your kids since the table offers considerate playing room for its size.


  • Electric motor for fast gliding
  • Pucks and pushers included
  • Good for beginners.


  • No legs for playing while standing

C&H Solutions Portable Mini Air Hockey Table Classic Game

C&H Solutions Portable Mini Air Hockey Table Classic Game

The C&H Solutions offers every aspect of a great Air Hockey game, in a convenient smaller package.

Pucks and pushers are included in the box, and the transport of the table is very easy considering its lightweight.

The wooden construction of the table makes it very high-stable and provides the players with significant support.

The table is a Mini Air Hockey after all, so it is best for kids and beginners, which does not mean that you will not be able to participate if you are a parent.

Add a strong electric motor for such a small game and you will get an amazing Mini Air Hockey by choosing this one.


  • Strong construction
  • Equipment included
  • Easy to play on any surface


  • Not so convenient for adults to play

Blue Line 32-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey

Blue Line 32-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey

The Blue Line portable table has all the elements to dazzle your kids with fun and laughter.

The design is very modern and resembles a full-scale Air Hockey table, while a powerful blower operated by batteries is responsible for the gliding of the puck.

The game comes with an original bag for easier transporting and preservation of the game, while it is also equipped with original pucks and pushers.

The size might be a little small for adults but after all, this table was made for kids and younger persons.


  • Modern design
  • High-stability construction
  • Equipment included
  • Portable edition
  • Great for kids and beginners


  • Comes with no legs for playing while standing

Lanos 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table

The Harvil 4 foot table offers a real sensation and gameplay of a full-sized Air Hockey table.

Its legs are easily adjustable and removable, so the transporting and storing of the table will be quite easy.

The table takes less than 5 minutes to assemble, and with new electronic scoreboards and other features, the fun is guaranteed.

This table is just of the right size to fit in any room, so you will have no trouble playing along with your kids if you are an adult.

The pucks and pushers come included in the package, so by purchasing Harvil 4-foot Mini Air Hockey, you will make no mistake.


  • Comes with adjustable legs with levelers for higher support
  • Has the playing equipment included
  • Just the right size of the Air Hockey table for home
  • Good even for adults to play


  • Design is not that much interesting for the kids but people of all ages will love it


Buying Guide for the Best Mini Air Hockey Table

In case you are searching for the best Mini Air Hockey table to buy, you will need to know what exactly to pay attention to when purchasing.

Now, let’s see some of the important tips to know when buying a Mini Air Hockey table.

Construction type and equipment

Mini air hockey table

It is very important to buy a very durable table, has high-stability and has anti-scratch protection. It is also important to search for a table with legs for the ability to play while standing for better support of the game. This can be done by choosing tables with leg levelers so that it can always provide a flat playing field.

Try and find a Mini Air Hockey with quality made parts that are easily adjustable and preferably fit any storage room. The gameplay components are also very important so that you will not have to bother searching for them after you buy a table. Preferably, choose a table with spare pucks and pushers.

In-game Elements to Look for

For the best gameplay experience, you must find a table with a strong air blower or motor that will enable you to play with a fast game pace. You can also choose an electric or battery motor to power your game. Choose a table with softened edges if you have very small children that will play.

The scoreboards and LED lightings are also very important for kids, so you should search for the table with as much added features possible to make it more interesting for them to play.

It is also important that your Mini Air Hockey has a puck returning system installed, for providing a sense of a real arcade shop full-size Air Hockey table.


This article is meant to inform the users with the list of some of the best Mini Air Hockey tables on the market. The first part of the article will list some of the best products with their reviews respectively, while the other part will focus on giving some of the important tips for choosing a great Mini Air Hockey table.

Hopefully, by following the stated in the article, you will be able to find a perfect choice of mini Air Hockey table that fits in every room and is easily adjustable to play with your kids and family.









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